you know how much pressure there is on girls to be good at every video game they play, because if they fuck up once there’s going to be a heck of a lot of people saying how girls suck and how they shouldn’t play video games 

i feel like not enough people even realize this. hell, i’m a female gamer and i didn’t consciously realize it, or at least, i thought it was a personal insecurity, not an internalized fear created by the patriarchy. and the same applies to math, and sports, and comic books, and literally anything that’s typically viewed as a masculine thing that guys are better at.

there are certain uncomfortable statistics that seem to indicate that girls voluntarily choose “girlier” hobbies and activities even when they’re proficient at “masculine” ones as well, and maybe it’s because the consequences for failure are worse for “male” activities? If you enjoy needlepoint as much as you enjoy soldering, but thirty geek boys will jump down your throat if you burn yourself on hot wire but no one bats an eye if you prick your finger with a needle, which hobby do you think you’ll pick?

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